No more Hashtags?!

20 Mar

Twitter Hints That At-Replies And Hashtags Are About To Be Streamlined

Found this interesting article on Buzzfeed, and it is quite interesting. 

Is Twitter going to get rid of At-replies and Hashtags within the next year?

Well, according to this article, “Vivian Schiller, head of news at Twitter, gave addressing the crowd two days ago at the Newspaper Association of America’s mediaXchange conference in Denver. During her talk, Schiller called at-replies and hashtags “arcane” and hinted that Twitter might soon move them into the background of the service.”

What will Twitter be like without at-replies and Hashtags, after its the number one basis for which Twitter functions. Also, what will the world be like without Hashtags? 

Who knows what the future will hold.. 


Colored Shorts

15 May

Colored denim shorts are all the rage right now. With the color blocking trend that is in right now and with summer right around the corner, denim bright colored shorts are all over! They will sure be able to make any outfit pop with fun and creativity.

Dresses of the summer

15 May

Summer is coming up and who is excited to finally wear short and summery gowns? Here are some really trendy dress styles for summer that can be worn to the beach, to a party, or for a day out shopping. 

A touch of lace

15 May

When you think of lace elegance, sophistication and demure comes to mind right? Also maybe the 1920’s? Nope, wrong answer. The time is now. Lace everything is hogging all of the rack space and mannequins because it is just that popular. Everything from lace dresses to shorts, to shirts. I personally think black and white lace is just beautiful. Lace on ladies, because it is just stunning!

Turquoise Madness

9 May

The color of choice right now in the magazines, and in my mind would be? You guessed it, TURQUOISE! This color truly captivates the eyes of anyone. It adds a splash of sexy pigment to any outfit. The best kinds of turquoise are used as accessories and small parts of an outfit. So moral of the story? If you ever need to add a little something to your outfit try out something turquoise, odds are it will work in your favor and everyone will be staring!

High Buns

7 May

High buns are so genius. It is now socially acceptable to put your hair in a messy high bun and not be going to the gym or to bed. All around women are wearing high buns with casual clothing and formal clothing. I personally think it makes for a very sophisticated and classy look. There are various ways to create this look, one by teasing your hair to give your hair and high bun a thicker look on top. Another way is the “sock bun” route. This look takes minutes and is the easiest way to put together a quick fashionable look! 

Blouses are back

3 May

Bright blouses are in. They are fashionable and the best kind of shirts to own. Why? Not only can they be worn with jeans, but can be worn at the work place, and paired with a skirt. The trend right now is color blocking so of course blouses are coming in bright colors. These types of tops can be seen on celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Lauren Conrad and Ashley Tisdale. I currently, am obsessed. You can never have to many colored blouses.